October 3, 2016

BARCELONA - Boatyard diorama

Diorama of a Mediterranean fishing boat being worked on,
Scale 1/20

Modified by adding a new paint shop with a wooden deck, chairs, workbench,lobster and crab traps etc..

April 8, 2016


This 45 cm long Lizard is made from scrap brass, copper, silver and clock gears.
She is made to be hanged on the wall.

August 4, 2015


Pagrus is the generic name of the sea bream family.

Metal Art sculpture :

This model is around  40cm long and made from copper,brass,bronze and steel.

March 6, 2015


Metal Art Sculpture
Materials : Brass & Copper
Overall length :35 cm 
Height : 22 cm
Width  : 25 cm

January 13, 2015


The castings and materials of this vacuum motor comes from Bengs Modellbau in Germany.
Building instructions and materials are good quality, however, a dedicated attention is needed during the machining process of the cylinder,piston and the crank as otherwise there is no chance to get the engine run smoothly.

This type of engine is called flame eater or flame-licker, due to the fact that it operates with the help of  a flame that enters into the cylinder with the  out stroke of the piston. Once the entry of the flame is closed with the help of a sliding valve, hot air get in contact with the air cooled part of the cylinder and causes a sudden drop in pressure that is  sufficient to suck the piston to create the exhaust stage.

Length  ( without burner ) : 170mm
Width :100 mm
Height : 110 mm
Piston diameter : 16mm
Stroke : 26mm

I have made a one piece crank from steel instead of  suggested 4 piece crank from steel and brass and also used double bearings at each side to obtain a better strength against 100 mm flywheels.


November 17, 2014



All parts from Brass,bronze,copper and alu.

November 3, 2014

The Sea Fighter

                      A sample of metal art.
                      Materials used : Bronze,brass and copper.

June 20, 2014

SPARKLE - wooden Steam Boat made in England in 1888 at famous Chatham Dockyard.

This Steamboat was purchased by İstanbul Rahmi Koç Museum in 1998.
The boat and its compound steam engine was restored by professionals during 2006 - 2007 and now being displayed in the museum with her new name ESRA.
In summer season visitors may have the chance for a short trip with this lovely boat on the Golden Horn and Bosphorus..

 Length of the boat is 6,25 meters ant the width is 1,85 meter.
Power : 15 hp compound.

      1/15 Scale Wooden Model  

Built from lime wood, teak, plywood, brass and bronze. All brass and bronze parts are machine turned to fit their exact scale.

Frame from 4 mm plywood. Good quality plywood
 is used to obtain a straight keel and frame.
Planking one by one from each side in
order to avoid from twisting of the keel.
Planking completed and the first putty applied
after reaching to the final shape of the boat with
100 grid sanding paper.

The end parts of all open frames were cut as those areas
 are needed for building the interior parts of the boat.

After several layers of putty, and repeated sanding
 process, the first coat of paint applied.

Bottom paint and waterline completed.
The seats, engine and boiler rooms
are placed before installing the deck plywood
on which the final deck planking will be done.

Some of the accessories.

Deck planking

Planking completed.
The rudder and propeller are installed.
Here is the boiler upper cover box
and the chimney.